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Altar to an Erupting Sun by Chuck Collins

The debut novel by
Chuck Collins

Rae Kelliher is a veteran environmentalist activist and pioneer in the death-with-dignity movement. Her husband Reggie calls her a “party in a box” and “a weaver of people and movements.” Facing a diagnosis of terminal illness, Rae engages in a shocking suicide-murder, taking the life of an oil company CEO for his complicity in delaying responses to climate catastrophe. Seven years later, Rae’s friends and family gather at her Vermont farm to try to understand her violent exit and rapid social transformations trigged by her desperate act.

“This is a very provocative book, dangerous in the way it makes us think hard about what we might need to do to save Earth’s biosphere, our only home, from a mass extinction event that is being caused not by all of us, but by some of us in positions of power. We need more books like this one."
— KIM STANLEY ROBINSON, author, The Ministry for the Future


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