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Feature article by Chuck Collins

Changing the Equation

Journalist Bob Brody sits down with Chuck Collins, formerly among the richest 1%, who makes the case for tackling inequality.

Feature article by Chuck Collins

Inside the Shadowy Industry Where the Uber-Rich Pay Millions to Hide Trillions

A recent exposé showed how billionaires dodge taxes on their wealth. The bigger scandal is how the rich pay an army of lawyers, accountants, and more to hide trillions from any government.

Terry Gross interviews author Chuck Collins

How COVID-19 Became A 'Tremendous Windfall' For The Ultra Rich

"You have a group of 650 people whose wealth has gone up a trillion dollars since mid-March," says Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies. He recommends taxing a portion of those gains.

Feature article by Chuck Collins

Separate And Unequal

Chuck Collins On

How Wealth Divides Us.

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